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10-09-2014 - >>
Interested in technology futures? Some interesting links.
24-03-2014 - >>
Julian Josem has been appointed to the Victorian ICT Health Ministerial Advisory Council.
28-02-2014 - >>
ARTS (Association for Retail Technology Standards) has released V7 of its Data Model.
28-10-2013 - >>
Mozi Designs goes live with Pronto on time
31-01-2013 - >>
Link to 2013 NRF presentations
12-09-2011 - >>
Productivity Commission report links - Here are the links to the source materials - makes for interesting reading.
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Systems and Technology

You cannot manage what you don't measure

This goes to our core.

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Special Offer: Channel diagnostic report

Customers want to interact with retailers across multiple channels at different times depending on their circumstances and whims of the moment.

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Business Performance Improvement

Strong retailers are on a continuous performance improvement program. In tough times, it's even more important.

Here are some tips on what it's all about. 

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Servicing customers across channels

Retailers are learning the hard way how vital it is to have a strong Multi-Channel strategy.

Every part of the business n
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Welcome to Josem Consulting

Josem Consulting is a boutique advisory firm specialising in the selection and management of technology and systems solutions to deliver sustained business advantage for retailers.  

We act on behalf of retailers to improve their productivity - we help choose the best match of technology to meet the needs of the business.

We don't take a "cookie cutter" approach - every assignment is regarded as unique.  

Sometimes it's about improving business performance  with existing investments in technology - other times it's about finding a new system to replace or add to the existing infrastructure.

At the heart of our philosophy is "You can't manage what you don't measure", which means we focus on innovation within three main themes: 

  1. Data collection
  2. Analytics
  3. Alignment and re-alignment of systems with business priorities 

With so many projects under our belt, we have come to understand and design best retail management practices specific to our client's needs;  We know who are the good IT vendors, and we know how to get retailing personnel to incorporate good business practice changes into the business.  We also know what's best for one retailer is not necessarily best for another.

In summary, we cost-effectively work together with our clients to align IT systems with business processes.

Themes for revenue growth 

  • Making sure you have the right product in stock at the right price at the right time at the right place at the right quantities, with your people having the right information when and where they need it
  • Using technology to build¬†emotional connections to your brand in an environment where customers are embracing new technologies more quickly than ever before
  • Maximising overall total company revenue by making all sales channels cooperate and complement each other

Themes for cost reduction

  • Increasing staff productivity by aligning systems with business processes - cutting down the cost of doing business
  • Sharing the capabilities within the business across all channels of business operations
  • Using technology to improve collaboration up and down the supply chain

It's about using the power of technologies to catalyse business growth and reduce the cost of doing business.

Our Managing Director and Principal Consultant, Julian Josem, has spent 35 years working with Australian retailers.  He is known as a no-nonsense, straight shooter whose advice and guidance has been invaluable as clients navigate through a maze of technology options.

But it's not just Julian;  The firm has a team of mature consultants with extensive experience - all are considered experts in their fields, and subscribe to a common set of service ethics - Trust, Competence, and Value delivery. 


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